Shop of Photos

Behold. Projects from my computer art class.

For my final I had to make a movie poster.

This assignment was to show four different emotions through photos and color. Leish-face posed for me yet again, over by the RB stairs. The green one took like 7 tries to get one of her not smiling, and in the blue one she's snarking into her sleeve. Very serious are we.

My accommodating roommate Aleisha decided to be ubiquitous.
Best part of this photo: the background story of the hoodie. I found it in the D.I. box in our basement one day and claimed it as my own, thinking "Hey that'd be funny if the girl who left this saw me wearing it sometime..." And then she did. Because her name is Kara and she's in my WARD. And then she saw this picture of Leish-face wearing it on facebook and decided we were both utterly homeless. Or was that homely...meh.

My broha-in-loha, Mike. Or as I affectionately refer to him, Bacon.


Meg Duffy said...

you really love bacon tooo much... seriously, I mean if the celestial kingdom did not have bacon... would you even go?

I like the pictures.. it is a dream of mine to learn how to use Photoshop.

liten... do you know I love you. I hope you blog more and enjoy THE PICTURE OF BRIAN ON YOUR DESKTOP!!! he is hot!

Meg Duffy said...

yes...hotter than Bacon.

Miss Melissa said...

i didn't know you had a blog! that ra salsa thing is hilarious. laugh out loud.

Lilly Pad said...

I love the pics.. I kinda want to be in one of your projects one day... but I'm waitin for the big ones! The ones you can pay me for! Let FACE do all the free ones. love you.

Melinda said...

I don't think Mike knew you called him Bacon...and you didn't put one up of me!!! =)

russman101 said...

Hi Clarence - you very funny person.
I google for Clarence Darrow (my American hero) and punpernikel bread (my fav Russian bread) and find you blog. I read about your photo shops and you urine and laff so hard. Here in Russia we no have so much freedom in dorm rooms at hour school. I come back to visit your blog sometime soon, so pleez post more soon. Do you ever visit Moscow then come see our dorm too!

Russman 101

just nikki said...

I really like that Hairspray poster. Brilliant. What are you majoring in?
I've never seen anyone pee so much just from laughing. I mean, usually it's just a tiny bit!
Also, is this Russian guy for real? Because he makes me happy, either way.