why don't you just shut your big YAPPER?

haven't you ever had those moments?

when you're in mixed company.
and someone starts talking.  
and you just stare at them and wonder.   
you watch their mouth talk.
and talk.
and talk.
you turn it over
and over in your head, searching for any possible explanation.  

but finally you give up.  
because you have no idea.
no idea how they don't realize how everything coming out of their mouth is probably the most awkward thing they could be saying at the given moment.  
and that their laugh is way too loud. 
and that they are making everyone in the room feel quite uncomfortable.  
and that they are full of complete crrrrrrrap.

(let the record show that "crap" is a strong 
word when describing people's thoughts.  
too strong, really.
but it fulfilled my requirement of mentioning 
crap in at least 68% of my posts)

i don't have these moments that often.
but somehow i always forget that people like this exist in between my run-ins with them.  
making it all that much more startling when i meet another one.
and watch them wreak social carnage.

but it's cool.
the world would be so boring without the strange ones.
and it's usually entertaining.
like two days later.
in retrospect.

besides...i'm sure i've been in groups where I'M that person.

everyone's been it at least once.
and the best part is, we probably not aware of it at the time!!!

how's that for some delicious paranoia?


squirrelyearl said...

I can't imagine anybody ever accusing you of being THAT kind of person...

Rachel said...

ah, that's the truth. but the worst part is when you can FEEL yourself being that person, you try to recover and climb out of the hole, but actually you keep digging in deeper and deeper!