so check it out.  i ripped the above ad out of a sports illustrated because i think the commercial is funny.  i simultaneously ripped out an ad with ashton kutcher in it for my roommate; she's got the hots, and i don't mean menopause.  
the two pieces of magazine sit on my desk for a couple days, just blending with the clutter.  then, yesterday, i pick up the centaur and show it to nicole and we're just talking, and i look down at it in my hands and suddenly wonder what's on the back of it. so as we're both looking intently at it, i flip it over and reveal the below photograph: 
christina aguilera holding a real-life baby.

no joke, we both screamed.  loudly.

sorry, christina.  i never realized how bad of a person i think you are until my body repelled the image of you holding an infant.  i couldn't reconcile the tender scene with all the sluttysluttyslutty dance moves i've seen you do in commercials. 
and it doesn't help that you wrapped the kid in an american flag.  in fact, that just makes it more wrong.  the flag shouldn't get spit up on.  

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Amy Marie said...

Hahaha I agree... I hope they placed that baby in her arms for a maximum of 10 seconds to get the shot so the life-long scarring can be kept to a minimum.