welp. i shaved my head.

why, you may ask?
to test things.
to test the strength of social norms.
to test my confidence.
to test my family's love for me (actually, that wasn't a premeditated purpose. i didn't even realize it would freak them out so badly, but it totally did.)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, of course: i shaved so i could get lots and lots of headburns. aka sunburns on my atrociously white scalp.

anywho. it's all going quite swimmingly. i thought i might feel hideous or be treated super differently or get dumped. on the contrary, i forget it's shaved until i look in a mirror, so i act pretty much the same, and thus deduce that it's all about how you act, not look. because people react to me the same, if not better. and no dumpage.

in other words, bada bing.


Aaron Ludwig said...

Welcome to the ranks of the bald! (Unlike me, you'll probably outgrow your membership though...)
Very bold!

Rachel said...

claire. Really, you are the most unique and confident person I know. and you know what? I'm so freakin glad to have such a rad friend as you.

p.s. call me when you're back in provo, you, me, your bald head and anyone else need to get together

Meg Duffy said...

i think this was a splendid idea. for so many reasons.
i want to touch it.

i miss you.

Anna Jay said...

ahhhh I love this post. and your little fuzzy head. You just need a minuscule bow and some honey.

Amy Marie said...

I think you look awesome. You can definitely pull it off.

Cassandra said...

And to think, all of this bald glory could have been mine!!! Now my day in the sunburned-scalp-producing sun will never be mine. Tear.