urbandic is ridic.

urbandictionary.com is hilarious,
albeit often inappropriate. but what great things aren't thus?

i was looking up some stuff tonight and ended up typing my name.
holy awesomeness ensued:

claire approach7 up, 7 down love it hate it
The Claire Approach is a superb new academic method being exercised by children across the globe. Originating in the east side of MilwaukeeGhettoAss Wisconsin by a young struggling teen of fifteen years of age. Ckat exerted her incredible knack for doing absolutely nothing. Noticing that this approach made life one HELL of a lot easier Ckat continued to use this approach for just about everything. Tests, homework, and just life in general. Because remember kids, "the harder you try the less you succeed."
Mcrab: "Freaking grease***** assigned this HUGE paper on the freaking transendentalists!!!!"
Ckat: "No worries, just use the CLAIRE APPROACH."
Mcrab: "NICE!"

claire bear76 up, 11 down love it hate it
a type of bear found only in ireland,
some say it is the soundest,best looking, nicest bear ever to exist
i want to catch the claire bear because i really like it.

Claire dance5 up, 1 down love it hate it
A wonderful dance in which a cute girl smiles her lovely smile moves her head from side to side while pointing her two index finger beside her face, in unison with her head motions.
She was adorable looking becuase she did the claire dance

Claire634 up, 96 down love it hate it
Beautiful and perfect in every way.
Wow, she looks like a Claire...A+

and my favorite:

claire spaz2 up, 24 down love it hate it
the claire spaz consists of a girl fainting at sight of blood from diabetic boy, cosequently getting her head stuck under the cabinet of the black board in her classroom

she then continuously shakes and spazms, frequently pukes and makes a noise resembling...brraaaa, brphmmmm, brrrrruuuuuup etc

she finally breaks free and is directed to the bathroom leaving a trail of puke splodges on the way....which are later covered up with sawdust.


girl: pah! ewww that girl is having a claire spaz.

boy: i thought she got shot through the window.

boy 2: i thought she was pregnant and fainted.

teacher: everyone go to the cloakroom.

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Cassandra said...

Oh my gosh. It's like they know you personally. Did I ever tell you that Dave Buck and I signed up our linguistics professor to receive the Urban Dictionary's word of the day? I don't know if he accepted the subscription but I often dream at night that he did and it changed his little life...