some mates.

these are my current roomies:

here's chavon, who is surprisingly not black.

she has very good bone structure and very good jokes.  she is very nice and polite when she asks me to do the dishes.  far politer than she ought to be, considering i've done the dishes a grand total of two times this whole semester.  what a deadbeat dad i am.

this is a photo of chavon in idaho.  she is looking crazy and putting shoes on her head.  probably because idaho is boring.

there's her sister, colleen, who hates being called "wench."   

this is colleen being fake upset.  she is hardly ever really upset.  one time i thought she was because she and chavon seemed to be having an argument and i felt awkward because i was the only other person in the room and was avoiding eye contact and about to leave and then colleen laughed and said "Claire!  We're just fake fighting!"      

colleen makes idle threats a lot.  like, "i'm going to kill you."  the photo below shows her idle threat face.     

and here's valerie with her parents.  they appear to be grumpy at the moment.

valerie is dating an asian.  the two of them are very funny together.  and she spanked me the first day we were roommates.  that's when i knew this semester was gonna be something special.  here are some pants she wears sometimes.

next semester i move in with these things:

here's paige, ginger of all gingers.

paige is very multi-faceted.  she acts.  she does efy.  she writes for the DU.  she cooks.  she sings.  she makes awkward noises when i make her uncomfortable.  her legs are very pale.  that is why she is the ginger of all gingers.

look at 'em!

here's hannah the hippie.

she really is.  she wears flannel and likes campfire smell at all times and goes barefoot and loves everyone and OWNS A COPY OF WALDEN.  she even churns her own butter in her trash can.  

and here's april.  or as i like to call her, the face that launched a thousand ships.

i can tell what april is thinking by the way she purses her lips.  and when i tell her this she gets quiet and purses her lips in a way that means she is thinking "i feel very uncomfortable that claire is looking at my lips."

this is april celebrating oktoberfest, as she does annually.

i really really really really really like all 6 of them.



Pg. said...

so much love.
so many awful pictures.

Rachel said...

Okay, I loved this post so much. & now, if I ever see any of them on campus, I'll feel really creepy because I already know so much about them.

[just go clickety click on the link below, yo, if you want to...] said...

ha ha it's okay. yesterday i sat next to that boy with the flushed cheeks that was in your snow camping adventure while i was in the library. you know, the one that looks like a little kid? and i almost said something to him like 8 times. i felt creepy too.

Hannah Wertz said...

I am truly and deeply honored, claire. one correction, I own three copies of walden.