here are some strange things that make me happy

this week i went to wendy's twice in two days. and on the next day, i tried to go for round 3, but my plan was foiled by stadium of fire traffic.
i was so close to tasting real happiness.

sometimes, when just wearing a t-shirt and undies, i like to wait right outside the bathroom door while april is showing and when she comes out, dance off to our bedroom yelling "no pants! no pants!" whilst swinging my hips from side to side.

she loves it.

kyle saw his childhood hero mark eaton at the rodeo.  he then decided to and succeeded in touching mark's butt.

when my ward was singing at a nursing home today this one craaaaazy old man was all "it's not the 1920's."
and i said, "you're right, it's not."
and he said "so why is your hair like that?"
and then i remembered that i look like a flapper.
subsequently, he cussed.

alison told us a story about how at girls' camp her only friend were these two fat girls (if that had been the end of the story i still would have thought it was funny) and when they were coming back from swimming the two chunkers were talking about how much they hate it when their thighs chafe.  alison didn't know what chafing meant.  but when they glared at her because she was skinny, she wanted to fit in so she said "oh my thighs totally chafe too."  
fitting in with the fat girls is harder than i thought.  ha.  punny.


me and april put black cats under paige and hannah's toilet seat and are just waiting to scare the crap out of them.  hopefully literally.

and megan thorkinschlepmep.

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Cassandra said...

The fat girls story completed me. Fun fact: my thighs also chafe. Does that make me fat?