my roommate wants to start a band. she wants to call it [as you read the following,
please notice your gut reaction and any images your mind may immediately flit to]

"the bangs and the bows."

i think this name will cause double-takes, stifled laughter, and ridicule.
also hellfire.
she thinks it's about our hairstyles and accoutrements.
what say ye?

on second thought. it doesn't look that inappropriate when it's written. so please turn some music on, wait for your roommate or your grandmother to ask who the band is, and then say "THE BANGS AND THE BOWS, G-MAW." emphasis on the bang.
and theeeeeeeeeeeeeen see what happens.
please. please reassure me that i don't have a dirty mind, that it really just is a poor, poor choice of band name.


Pg. said...

consider me offended.
at your attempt to justify me offending you.

You've got to imagine the name accompanied by an illustration. COME ON.

claire plimpton said...

that was an extremely circular language puzzle that i will never replicate.

sometimes band names have to stand on their own, paige. understand? when the band is standing on the stage, with no illustration, and they introduce themselves, the name has to stand next to them on the stand. at church.

Pg. said...

it's all about branding.
first a brand, then a stage presence.
probably not at church.

Kyle Wayne Benson said...

Grandma was offended.

Rosanne said...

I imagined Lancelot (Richard Gere) BANGing Gwenivere (?) and then King Arthur (Sean Connery) using his BOW and arrow to kill them both.