A little tribute to the love child of SRC & KWB

It's me.

Just kiddin'.

My sister and I were talking about life things last night and asked Kyle for some advice, and he preached a lot of wonderful things I'd forgotten were in 7 Habits.  Like having daily private victories, aka DPV's.
The theory is you can't contribute to public victories (jobs, families, etc) until you are a whole person, so you must accomplish daily private victories to give yourself a sense of self worth.  DPV's are things that make you feel good and nourished, not things that may seem impressive to the outside world like learning another language or making a thousand bucks.
So I hunted through my sketchbook in search of my list of DPV's I'd made once upon a time, and while doing so I remembered that I had another sketchbook of the exact same make and specifications, and I filled it with personal thoughts and drawings until there were only 2 pages left and then I lost it.  LOST IT.  This pains me twofold:
1.  That record of that 5 months of my life is gone, never to be remembered.
2.  It's possible some stranger, or worse, SOMEONE I KNOW could have found it and read their fill.

The latter is unlikely.  People are respectful, right?  However, when I consider that though I call myself a very honest, trustworthy person, I still have no scruples about reading, over their shoulder, the journal of the person in front of me in class when they're writing it (I don't know them, what can it hurt?)...
it seems a lot more plausible.

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