New stuff

I applied for a job for women's services, and they asked me to create a poster for one of their events as part of the application.  I chose the yoga classes they offer.
I didn't want to draw some complicated yoga pose for the poster, because seeing those doesn't make me want to do yoga; they make me think that I should NEVER go to yoga.  So I decided to focus on a relaxing pose in a serene place.  

When I was sketching, I came up with the idea of a girl sitting under a waterfall and the water streams doubling as her hair:

Then I built it up in illustrator in b & w:

Then I fiddled with the colors, an arduous process for me.  
Once I was happy with them, I added text:

My coworker, Renee, pointed out that the browns and the pinks were the only warm parts, so the girl would stand out more if I cooled the browns down.  Renee was so right.  I imported into photoshop, put a soft light purple layer over the whole thing, and added some textures.  And voila:

I'm pretty happy with it, whether or not I get hired, and doing this reminded me that I always get better results when i start with a hand sketch.

For my narrative class this semester we illustrated Peter Pan.  
There are just too many interpretations of Peter, and I didn't want to add to them.  
I figured the story was well enough known that the hook would be a 
recognizable symbol, and simple to paint.  

For the back cover, I drew some crocodile skin because 
it's related to Hook and because their scales are COOL-looking.  

(Started with sketches on these, too)

Here's the lettering on the spine, which I created from a sketch Kyle did:

And here's the inside leaf:

Also, we had to do sketches for interior illustrations (aka we never rendered them) and here are a few of my favorites.  (You can view them all here)


Rosanne said...

You are so talented, and creative.

Someday, I want to see that cross stitch of that quote, and copy it down so I can make one too.

Let's hang out soon.

Sydney Marné said...

Claire, I LOVE the Peter Pan illustrations!! Narrative was such a fun class. I wish we could have taken it together! Too bad I had to run away to Tennessee. I miss you and I love seeing your work. You are so talented!!