our dog

Joshua bit his bed into a thousand pieces yesterday, so he just slept on a blanket in his kennel last night.   Which means he didn't sleep well, which means he barked at 5 am.  I took him out to pee and proceeded to get restless sleep for the next few hours, and had a very realistic dream where one of BYU's anatomy professor asked if they could keep a cadaver in our trailer, and I said sure, and then when we "woke up," the face and right arm of the cadaver were missing, and Joshua was out of his kennel, licking his lips.

"Kyle, we've got to make him throw up!"
"But Kyle, it's a whole arm!  Soaked in formaldehyde!  He's gonna be sick if we don't make him throw it up!"

It's been years since I've had a dream that felt that real.  SO REAL.

Anyway, after I left this morning, he crawled into our bed and Kyle snapped this photo.

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Jonathan said...

We hung out with one of Andrea's friends last night. They just got a puppy Vizsla, I kept wanting to call her Joshua. Does Joshua have his testicles still?