A picture is worth 1000 words. So to describe the beginning of this school year, I'm posting this picture. Let it speak some wordsies to you. One of them is probably going to be "awesome." And another will most likely be "inappropriate." But as for the other 998 words, they're up to you.

My new ward is pretty good. I had high hopes because my freshman ward was DIVINE. But I have been pleasantly surprised to find that RM's are actually not that different than my freshmen friends. They make a few less poop jokes and a larger percentage of them can grow facial hair. Oh, and they're pretty anxious to get married, but my personality is pretty good at repelling that. And at least they still play pranks. Me and Steph purposely started this prank war by putting whipped cream on Josh while he was sleeping on the love sac. (If you're going to be vulnerable and asleep, you at least shouldn't leave your apartment door open) To pay for this, I got hugged by him in nothing but a bathrobe two-times devoured, and then these undieroos strung up in my room. Nothing like flipping on the light switch at 1 in the morning and running into these with your face. And now as they are dangling on my shoulder while I type this, I can't help but be excited for the war that is unfolding. I've never been in a real one before and I'm excited to see what I'm made of.

I think the butt of all pants ever should say this:

Really though. My ward is pretty bomb. They teach me things all adults should know, like that you should photograph shaking your face really hard. My young 19-year-old epidermis is too taught so none of mine turned out, but Josh's is the best.





Rachel said...

I did not know you had a blog!

Anna said...

Can I love you any more? You are hilarious.

Meg said...

strangly this made me miss you.