I went to the librizzle during priesthood session.

I mean...Priesthood session. That's probably one of those words that should always be capitalized, like God and Holy Ghost and Bacon.

Anyway, there were only 2 men there. A guy who was working and some random dude with his arm around his girlfriend, just staring at her. Maybe he just forgot about the meeting, or maybe she's his test in life so he was studying her. Ha! that was a crappy pun.

The fourth floor looked like this:
aka there wasn't a soul there. So I did something I've always wanted to do in the library.

Yell! And it felt really good. And then I laughed because I was with Chaneena and Leish-face, and then I snorted a few really guttural ones. And I hope it was really entertaining to the people sitting around the corner. But at least I was amused, and then showed my amusement through lyrical head grunts, and then was amused at that. And so on and so on in the circle of life.

Rosanne and the gimp came and joined us and said they could smell the estrogen when they walked in the library doors. This causes me to ask, what does that smell like? It is probably distinctly a woman smell, but the only smell I can think of that only women get was definitely not permeating the library. And yes...that nasty thing you're hoping I don't mean by these vague words is exactly the one I'm talking about.

Now I'll admit that I don't really know what estrogen does. I know that everybody has it, just like everybody has testosterone. And Zac Efron has testerosterone. I've heard that gay guys have more estrogen than straight guys. And I've often felt like I have more testosterone than some girls because I just don't get women sometimes. I think deep down I wish I could stay a girl but get rid of all the annoying womanly characteristics that bother guys, and are most likely linked to our good friend estrogen.

At 8:15 a dude came to the fourth floor and sat by his girlfriend, so all the estrogen screamed in fright at being caught with its pants down and quickly escaped out the air ducts.

Typing that just really made me wonder what a stampede of estrogen looks like. This, p'raps?
This past week I learned that though I'd like to believe I'm estrogen-free, the so-called "frailties" of women affect all girls sometimes. Seriously though, guys and girls are crizz-azy different. The stereoptypes really are true soooooo much of the time. Guys can get over things way faster and move on without as much thought, while girls, the nurturing suckers that we are, just hold onto crap for way too long. Here's a pictorial list of things girls hold onto for too long:

Okay, that was a ridiculous list. I stopped being serious right after the first one. Google image search is sincerely amazing. It could entertain me for hours.


Rosanne said...

I can't handle that woman's legs. The large one, not the anorexic. How is that possible?

Meg Duffy said...

this was a complete innaprop-prop post on your blog Clarence. almost everything… to the capitalized Bacon, the anorexic girl, the huge fat woman, the heart/blood pic…. the period talk…. I mean really, everything… I am concerned that you are not a lady at all and when I get home I will want to be teaching you some class. I guess I forgot to have a floor meeting about that last year when I was your AWFUL RA. p.s. I love you and I hope this was not too harsh. It made me laugh, so that should make you happy. I want to go to the lib during priesthood session next time… promise?

Meg Duffy said...

Oh! and being a woman rocks... I would rather have reproductive organs on the inside rather than inside any day.

Meg said...

I meant inside rather than the outside.... oops.

Anna said...

hahaha meg I love you. I'm the same. Girls have it soooooooo much better.

And Claire. You are a nutter.

Post more of that bacon lust, please!

Just do a post for each time you think about bacon.

Which means I'm expecting at LEAST 12 blogs from you in the next half hour.