These are some of the stupidest music videos I've ever seen.
Therefore, they also have a high awesomeness factor.

Omarion-Ice Box
i've got snow falling inside my ribcage. 
i wear biker gloves while i dance.  
i'm bringing back that dance move where you put your hand in your shirt and pump it to look like your heart.  
i get real scurred when people blow cold air on me in the woods.  
i also have an alter ego that is a fat pimp.

Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up
i have the voice of a 50-year-old but i look 17.

apart from being totally plastic i also look like white trash dancing in my backyard.
i do a voice over for an innocent little girl i made portray my younger self.
i have a casablanca scene with ludacris where he uses his robot voice and then we shoot some po-po's.

this is not a music video.  but it is fetching hilarious.

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