why i like the cousins' apartment far more than mine

I was at Debbie's the other night and my ADD led me to inspect the various smattering of cool things she has on her shelves.  Every object there is just like Debbie:  odd but cool, and a bit juvenile.  My freaking favorite was the toy penguin I thought was just stationary.  But she said "it dances to the beat in music."  
I thought she was full of crap, but it DOES AND IT IS AMAZING.  
We put it next to her ipod speakers and watched it flicker through its colorful roulette of belly lights until it synced and then bobbed from side to side whilst flapping its flippers.  I want one.  Albeit, I suppose its dancing is pretty boring and it never really busts any impressive moves, but then again consider that it is a mere piece of plastic.  That I have now identified with and become attached to. 

I pause to wonder if that is pathetic.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...whatev.

Anyway, it's called an I-CY.  And I've bought into the sleek, simple packaging as well as the "cutesy" factor.  Blech.  I always make fun of my roommates every time they squeal and coo at how cute the itty-bitty cartons of Ben&Jerry's ice cream are.  You know, the ones I could eat in less than 10 seconds but still costs you like $5.50.  

When they rave about how adorable it is, I realize that they'd probably not hesitate to buy cartons of poop if they were packaged this cutely.  

But the I-CY penguin doesn't have poop in it.  So it's okay.  And even if it is precious-looking, is it still that endearing if I make it dance to T.I.?  


Missy, with the help of the good people who make the Ensign, opened my eyes to the dangers of caffeine.  What follows is a sobering photo of how caffeine may affect my silk-producing glands and hinder my web-making abilities.  Alas!  I shall ne'er partake of Mountain Dew e'er again!

spider not ridin' dirty

caffeine-licious web

Shudder.  I'd be so embarrassed if my webs looked like that.

While searching for these photos I happened across this website that lets you feed a spider flies that are filled with different drugs and then watch it spin an according web.  Why. would. anyone. ever. come. up. with. this. The best part is how the spider hops around like it's high.  Looks kind of fun.  Maybe I'll try drugs.


Meg said...

debbie has never showed me her dancing penguin so I am kind of upset that my roommates like you a lot more than me.

I think we should stop being friends.

Meg Duffy said...

i hope jenny reads this blog and says something mean to me

Rosanne said...

hahahaha. "i'd be so embarrassed if my webs looked like that." let's have a web spinning contest at our next ward activity, and see whose is best. maybe throw in some drugs to make it more marketable, but mostly more entertaining.