awkward graduation faces


what's up with graduation, anyway?  they make you sit around for hours in uncomfortable seats and watch thousands of people you don't know walk by, and then you can't cheer when the one person you can tell from Adam finally gets to walk across the stage.  well, you can, but if you do your parents get mad and look at you like you just tore off your shirt, painted war stripes on it, and scalped the elderly woman next to you.  it's not really that juvenile to cheer, though!!!  come on! 
(parents just have crippling social phobias.  they don't like to be looked at.  at least, that's my theory.)  
and i get the whole "if there's a big cheer for one person and not the next, the second person might feel bad."  but seriously?  they're graduating from college.  whether or not they get a cheer shouldn't make or break their spirit.  it's not like hearing silence after their name is called will make them think, "daaaaang, gina. why'd i even go to college?"
instead, they should think "Holy crap, I just got a degree.  I am now legit."
and whether they choose to celebrate in their head or i yell "hoodright!" at my bro-in-law, that's something worth cheering about.  


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Yes, you're right, when we graduated we just sat on the seat for four hours and i know what your felt that time. it show from your awkward graduation faces.