so i really like this song.

by the way...it just happens to be by a tiny white kid. i think he's 12.

yes. i am cool.


Rachel said...

You totallydon't give him enough credit. He is possibly 14 or so. I love that song too

jaks said...

I looked him up.
He's 15.
I love how that party is totally under-age appropriate. :)

just nikki said...


Cassandra said...

I liked how the girl he loves is clearly taller and weighs more than he does. Also those vertical stripes? Not helping the size difference.

Additionally, if I was at Usher's house I would not throw a party when he was gone—I would throw a party when he was there. I mean, really. Usher's house is not as cool without Usher in it, let's be honest.