it's all about the non-diegetic sound

Paige showed me this video today.  I said to her, "Sloths?  Really?"  but then watched it anyway.  And something incredible happened.  Every motherly instinct gene inside me stood up and screamed "Love and nurture offspring!"

April was watching it too.  April who, as we all know, is constantly full of hate.  At 0:20 she said "I really don't want to think these are cute, but they kind of are."  At 0:30 she said "Awwwww, I want one!"

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

Sloths are gross.  Their noses are wet.  They squint like they're elderly.  They are basically slow, pudgy monkeys with claws.  But the song playing in the background and the editing made these sloths look absolutely adorable, even when one was grabbing the camerawoman's finger and pulling it threateningly towards its mouth (1:22).  So I wondered what the video would feel like with a different soundtrack.

Mute the sloth video, press play on the one below, wait about 18 seconds, and then full screen the sloth one and watch it.  If you do it right, some of the beats will perfectly sync with the shots.  And it will rid you of your newfound love of sloths.

Then watch it again with the sound from the video below and realize that all sloths look super stoned all the time.


Big Rob said...

i'm passing this onto my sister pronto.
no doubt some of your best work.

jaks said...

I still love sloths.

But that new music made it hilarious. Love it.

Kels said...

i laughed. i cried. i screamed. love it.

Cassandra said...

The things you learn in that film class change your life! Fact.

Breanne said...

Can I please just tell you every thought that went through my mind while watching that atrocity of a video?....The words to describe include: disgusting, furry, too furry, wait-too-long-of-nails, my-big-toe-is-cuter, gross, probably smell, wet. At approximately 0:34 and 1:06, I had to swallow to keep myself from ralphing. In the words of Jordan Roper, "that would be the longest mating process in the world."