quotes from tom russell's film class

on everyone being entitled to their opinion:
“but some opinions are absolutely retarded.”

“my husband paid $100 thousand for my companionship.”

on unattractive protagonists:
“can’t our heroes have pooches?"

“we’re the best.  we’re number one.  everyone else is 2 or lower.”

after a car explodes in 'touch of evil':
“that’s what happens when charlton heston kisses you.”

in the middle of lecture:
“oh, did i tell you?  a woman vomited at one of my kid’s concerts the other day.”

on his TA john forbyn:
“if you’re in john’s lab, pants and beat him after class.”

“the prostitute that just sits downstairs and sings to the guys...that’s the part i always play in the movies.”

on dana carvey:
“oh dana, you fool...i think i like boys now.” 

“she was really busty.  and kind of tacky busty.”

on crying on command:
“you just say ‘i want tears’ and tears come out.  i don’t know how they do that.  i think they’re in league with the devil.”

“i’m going to go spay and neuter all my pets just to bring bob barker back.”

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Cassandra said...

"We're the best. Everyone else is 2 or lower." I thought that was an Aleisha thing, but maybe she and Tom Russell are secretly the same person. Also, I took his class and I LOVED it. Good call.