I really am engaged.  
Trevor Christensen provided the following.
I can't say enough good things about him & his photography.  
The reason we're laughing in most of these is because of him.
If my blog were more famous, this would result in greater business opportunities for him.
Sorry Trevor.  I'll get there.
And then I'll pretend to get married again, and repost these.


Kels. said...

these are SO beautiful! i'm going to write several poems about you guys. well i'm tearing up and would write a longer comment, but i have to run and grab a tissue.

Amy Marie said...

Congratulations, Claire! You two look awesome!!

Eric, CJ, Viana, Brooke, Ram said...

Dear Claire, this is CJ Carter, you know me. Do I need to remind you how? Charina's big sister, Krista's big sister, your CA boss one summer...etc....anyway, I'm glad you are really getting married. Krista told me as much(and that is how I got to this very engagement page) and I just wanted to say that your fiance' looks like a red-headed Ewan McGregor. And in my opinion that is a good thing. Hopefully it is in yours too!! Because that would be sad if you did not like Ewan McGregor and I just said that...Or maybe you don't even know who Ewan McGregor is. But you probably do. Ok, this comment is long enough. :)