to fill you in, mom :)

from Kyle's grandma.  that fabric is an apron she made for me.  

suzanne and april hendricks
(not married, or in love.  i meant suzanne, and april hendricks)

sharmont's genius combo of real gift plus funny gift.

danika.  believe it or not, they're salt and pepper shakers.

linddddddsey jordan's beautiful french themed gift. italian? french.

baby paige.  there's a headband that punches out of the card!

cassidie's gift of the traditional, coveted mümü

krista roy.  read more here and here

i wonder what caused all these lines on the photos.
this be kyle's early birthday present to me.
it's not a torture device.
you use it to massage your scalp.
it feels incredible.  

thank you everyone, so so so much!

Rosanne, Val, and Gretch also got me things that I would never post photos of on the internet.  But thank you, too :)

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