blah blah blah

We've had a netflix account for 44 hours.
We've already watched four films.


One movie every 11 hours x 30-day free trial =

61 movies to go.


K. said...

do you guys have the best taste in movies? yes. too bad i won't be home in time to partake of some of that free-trial + benson awesomeness.

claire plimpton said...

Oh, no fear. After his trial is up, we're starting mine. Luckily that means we'll run out before school starts. Perfect timing.

Cassandra said...

How was Exit Through the Gift Shop? I feel like I've been hearing about that movie a lot lately. Thoughts?

claire plimpton said...

supa good. not life changing, but very conversation-inducing.

the happy ninja said...

i've actually watched the making of iron giant. it's basically vin diesel saying the same thing over and over into a microphone for a long time.