Ode to the Librizzle

Today I finally loved the HBLL fully. It is such a wonderful place.

Except for when I'm doing homework there.

But at all other times, it's magnificent. I see people I know, I chat on facebook, and sometimes I am blessed with the opportunity to witness strange social happenings. For example, today I sat down at a computer in the LRC. Two minutes later, a guy
walked in sporting the Fresh Prince of Bel-air hair.
He looked EXACTLY like him. And then a guy with a lumberjack shirt and a super-stringy, nasty blonde mustache sat down next to him. I sat back and marveled at their juxtaposition. It was the backwoods meeting the inner-city. It should have been photographed.

The library is also the best place to overhear strange bits of conversation. Or gawk at nasty couples who only came there to cuddle, not study; you know, when the girl is sitting in the guy's lap and stroking his hair while they stare into each other's eyes. It's also a good place to find people watching funny videos, like a few moments ago when I glanced at the girl's screen next to mine and saw she was watching a video that at one point flashed these words on the screen:
"...i know i'm a sex kitten in the morning."

Riiiiiiight. Still, what with that, the lumberjack, and
will smith, I almost exploded from pure randomness.

Ooooh! I almost forgot. Two more things:
1: My friend Rosanne worked there and made shirts that say "What in the HBLL are you doing?" Paha. Clever, veiled profanity.
2: When you say "No-Shhhhh Zone," it totally also sounds like cursing. Isn't this the biggest oversight at BYU? How did any prophet ever approve the naming of that? And what if a
general authority were to visit now, and for some reason they had a reception for him there, could they really announce "After the devotional, if you'd like to meet President Eyring, please meet in the NO-S*** ZONE?!?"

Someone's gotta tell somebody.

final p.s.
the library makes itself really hard to steal from


Rachel said...

Claire, your blog is my favorite.

Amy Marie said...

Haha that post was awesome. These are the things you just never fully appreciate while you are here. I want to see one of those shirts!!!

Rosanne said...

The next one is scheduled to be designed.....eventually. Also, I wanted to note that if we were going anywhere but a BYU, those random occurrences would happen every day.

The Rabidmilkman said...

yeah, I've realized the awkwardness of pronouncing the area in which I work.... which is why we try to say "shush" so we don't sound like an edited rap song.

Meg Duffy said...

i love jake. what a cutie.
this post was great... but seriously don't change the no-shh zone name. i like it. its perfect.