oooooooh how i love people.

i vaguely recall once promising meg this would never be on facebook.
so blogger's the next best thing.

meg. i miss you. you enrich my life. and you're the one who taught me how to give little tribute moments like this, so here's one for you.  i always feel like i'll remember how i feel about people and things that happen because they're so immediate, but i always lose them when i don't write them down in my journal or record them some other way.   but doing things like this help me slow down life and pinpoint things that i can look back at someday 
and say, hey, that really mattered

so here's your tribute moment, narfbag.  this video captures the best moment of the best night (so far) of our friendship.


Meg Duffy said...


wow. i feel all warm and gushy inside. and embarrassed... but my love for you outweighs that. that was not a fat joke.
i just got back to minnesota this morning. that meant i had to leave utah and i almost missed my flight on purpose and i wanted to just cry. but i am back now and this post made me smile for the first time since i have been back. thanks.

Meg Duffy said...

okay. i just watched it like seen more times. man i hope no one else reads your blog.... haha
it's too funny.

Clarence Pimptown said...

whoops. i just showed it to some people. garen, remember? the wyoming-an? so now everyone knows.

Miss Melissa said...

where are you guys?

Meg Duffy said...

we are on our way to, or maybe leaving the coldplay concert. I think we are on "trax".... claire, am I right here?

Clarence Pimptown said...

yup. trax.