i bared my little old soul and applied to the illustration program.  and they don't notify those accepted until april.  
it takes them 2 months to decide if they want to say
"you downright suck" 
"we welcome you with open arms into all the glory of the visual arts program.  let us mold you" 

maybe if i get accepted and have a somewhat prestigious art career i can one day get hired at BYU, sit on my butt all day, and gain a reputation for judging people real fast-like.  kids can line up outside my door with art pieces in hand and high hopes, and i can make them or break them in 3.4 seconds.  "green hippo with a mustache?  intriguing.  you're in."
"still life of a potato?  boring.  denied."
"drawing of me that makes me appear more attractive than i really am?  come on in."
"bloody depiction of a puppy killing his 4-year-old owner?  we'd like to monitor your progress very closely and may commit you someday, but for now, you're hired."

yeah. i could do that.

anyway.  some people asked to see what i turned in.  so voila.


Meg Duffy said...

i just love you and i am jealous of the pencil that gets to spend so much time in your hand.

Rachel said...

HOLY MACEROLE CLAIRE! You're awesome! Congrats and keep us posted!!

jaks said...

Those are freaking amazing!

squirrelyearl said...

Pretty awesome Claire.

Diana said...

holy crapola. you are amazing!

Elizabeth said...

Wow. You are so good. I would probably pay you to sketch my mug.

-Liz Riggs

Cassandra said...

I was there when you were finishing up the apple and computer drawing...the night before. And what's his bucket told you how to make it shiny. He should get an honorable mention or something.