even though some songs are written by lesbians, i can still manage to learn said songs on the guitar and sing them with virtually no gross feelings that i am singing something tainted.

i really really hate mexican candy. it makes me want to barf.

today i was watching a youtube disney video called "black stereotypes" (for a paper i'm writing) and i realized there was a black guy next to me. and i didn't know whether to feel awkward or not. dumb.

i was on hulu once, twice, okay maybe 17 times last week when i was sick, and i saw a link that said "new halloween movies available." i thought "oh yeah, i forgot hulu has not just tv shows but movies, it is awesome i love hulu it's so addicting holy crap this is the best idea ever" and clicked the link and saw that the exorcism of emily rose was one of the offered movies. now, that movie is of the devil. literally. it's based on a true story of an attempted exorcism by some catholics. they used a tape recorder to record the exorcism, and the actual tape is played as the audio in the film. emily grace freaks out when they try to cast spirits from her and runs out to the barn and says she's 7 different people, one of whom was "with Cain" and one of whom is lucifer. peachy. also the time the spirits came to her was exactly 3 in the morning, and other characters in the film also experience terrible, freaky things, always at 3 am. it's been 5 months since i saw it, but even now, if i'm ever up at 3 am, i get super freaked out. i hope by now i've sufficiently gotten my point across that the movie is fetching scary. so i saw it was available on hulu, so i clicked it, somewhat disbelievingly. even as i clicked it i thought "why am i doing this, i don't want to see ANY part of it ever again." as the movie started to load, the precursory ad played and said: THE FOLLOWING PROGRAM IS BROUGHT TO YOU WITH LIMITED COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION BY.... DISNEY PARKS. i laughed out loud. so hard. i wonder if disney knows they're sponsoring that. i should tell them. and then say hey give me an illustration job.

i know 3 types of people right now:
---girls leaving on missions
---girls who are engaged
---boys who are über single

i'm really glad rachel stolworthy and sydney schindler have boyfriends. good for them. (i guess they directly violate the above paragraph, but i think they may soon be engaged. they're on their way)

cassi elton is almost stateside again.
(she has a boyfriend and so semi-fits into my categories. hmmm. perhaps i need more than 3. but 3 was such a succinct, pleasing amount. i was just trying to simplify my life)

this boy next to me in the library wrote a poem for his english class about marriage and i read it when he wasn't looking. i cannot decide if this was creepy or not. it was a good poem, so it's not that creepy because it's more like me appreciating good literature than peering into someone's journal. also, it's a public library. and the screen is like 24 inches. anyone could walk up and read it anytime. also, i almost told him i liked it. cause the last line was "i want to make sure i don't simply get married to avoid loneliness." it really struck a chord in me, because i'm super lonely and just want to be with someone, but i should want to get married so i can make someone else happy and serve them...plus the fringe benefits. SO i almost told him his poem was really good, but i was too afraid of his reaction so i just watched him log off and walk away.
but i think that because i didn't tell him "good poem," i lose and i'm going to diagnose it as creepy.

on tuesday the 200 boys that attend BYU that i actually find super attractive were all over campus.

saying "that's so presh presh" makes me feel like this and this:

today i took these pictures in my photo class. it is hard to remember what f-stop means versus aperture and iso.


jaks said...

I'm single!
For like, less than a week now, but still! Single! And you so know me. Categories -> 4.

Sydney Marné said...

claire. i love you. more than bacon.