p to the ffffffffffffffffff.

you know how if you're cuddling or
kissing someone and another person
walks in, you don't really feel that
but if YOU walk in a couple, you
feel like you just got flashed?

no matter how hard i try to
remember that i never really
feel that imposed upon when
i get walked in on, i can never
remember it long enough
to not feel terribly awkward
when i interrupt some peeps.

so this happened the other
night when i went with my
friend breanne to give her
friend kelsey a reel. and
by reel i mean some
construction paper in the
shape of a reel of film
that said "you're reel great."
[she's really smart]
we knock on the door, kind of
just walk in, and interrupt a
couple. a super-entwined couple,
might i add. the girl gets
kelsey, we walk to the doorway
between the hall and living
room to chat with the reely
great girl, and chick number
one returns to her lover's embrace.
not that bad. actually felt
less awkward than i expected.
i'm totally zoned in on the
conversation between breanne
and kelsey until the word
"tickle" grabs my attention.
the chick on the couch
just said it to her boyfriend,
in the following sentence:

"sometimes it tickles more than others, and i think you're starting to figure that out."

she then went "ohp!" and
started laughing, kind of
like she realized there were
but maybe that wasn't the
reason for the ohp, because
she just kept on talking about it.

"sometimes, when you go like this..." long pause "yeah. or this."

now, i have always been
grateful for the gift of hearing,

i was REALLY grateful on this
particular evening.
[because i immediately realized
the experience was perfect
fodder for my blog]

after a while, i realized
with relief that they were
talking about tickling
each other's love handles
or something, rather than
each other's tongues.

then we left.

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