what i learned from a sunday afternoon of youtube

michael jackson sang that abc song i learned from a burger king commercial. so i always just thought it was a stupid burger king song

sometimes he makes people faint a lot

that part in monsters inc where they do the musical at the end, they're doing a satire of a michael jackson song

the carpenters believed in extra terrestrials

donny osmond went to byu
and knew michael jackson

boyzone sounds like the next frozen yogurt place in provo

hanson is still producing music. who knew?

clarissa explains it all is DUMB

also, there's a whole song named "claire"
my first thought: aw. that'd be cool if a boy sang this to me someday
then i realized it's a song about his daughter
dream shattered

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Rachel said...

I loved this post. thanks. Your blog keeps me entertained. Your sexi. & i can't believe you didn't know the ABC song.